Root Canal Treatment in Farmingdale, N

With root canal treatment, Farmingdale Dental Group helps dental patients in the Farmingdale, NY area to relieve tooth pain and save their teeth.
After a tooth has become infected, the pulp (living connective tissue at the center of the tooth) may be damaged and require treatment. Damaged pulp that goes untreated may then lead to further damage and pain the bone and tissues around the tooth. Our dental office offers root canal therapy (endodontic treatment) as an effective measure to address damaged pulp and save the affected tooth.
In a root canal treatment, the tooth is opened so that the damaged pulp can be removed before further harm is caused. Then the tooth is cleaned, shaped and filled so that it is completely functional and safe. If you or a family member may need a root canal treatment or other dental care services, call us today at 516-249-8141 to schedule an appointment.
Root Canal - Root Canal Therapy in Farmingdale, NY