Aesthetic Dentistry and Porcelain Laminates in Farmingdale, New York

You'll look better and be more confident when you use the aesthetic dentistry services of Farmingdale Dental Group in Farmingdale, New York. From fillings to teeth whitening, our range of services includes what you need for a healthier, more beautiful smile.
Family Dentistry
Whatever your family dentistry needs, we have the services to meet them. We do cleanings, X-rays and fillings on both children and adults, and offer nitrous oxide to calm our patients. Also available is Zoom! 1-hour whitening, as seen on TV.
Aesthetic Dentistry
Our aesthetic dentistry services will enhance your smile by providing porcelain laminates and all kinds of bondings, crowns, bridges, implants, and implant restoration. Call us to schedule an appointment.
X-ray teeth - Crowns Bridges in Farmingdale, NY
Dentist Studying the teeth - Cosmetic Dentistry in Farmingdale, NY
Porcelain Laminates
Porcelain laminates will improve your smile, reshape and improve the color of your teeth. Porcelain laminates will whiten, brighten, and lighten your teeth. Call us to schedule a free consultation.
Bondings will replace fillings and chips in your teeth to improve your look. You have a choice of bonding materials.
Root Canal Therapy
Our patients are as comfortable as possible when we perform root canal work. We use nitrous oxide to relax the patient. Call us for a free consultation before we schedule the procedure.
Contact us for more information on aesthetic dentistry.
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